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Tents are all about freedom...freedom to hold your event where you choose...whether it is a sentimental setting such as a family cottage or a beautiful garden or park.

Weddings and parties held at private residences appeal to many. However, without the added room that tents provide, it may not be feasible or practical. Valued not only as protection from rain, they also are attractive refuges from both sun and wind.

Tents provide a unique and intimate atmosphere better than any banquet hall can and they create mood and elegance that cannot be matched.

We will help you as much as we can to ensure that your event is special. Ask for a copy of our planning brochure for great tips and decorating ideas.

* Anniversaries               * Birthdays
* Fundraising                  * Retirements
* Yard Sales                    * Weddings

* Ceremonies                 * Dinners

* Sporting Events          * Gift Openings
* Receptions                  * Trade Shows

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