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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do tents always have to be anchored to the ground?

Yes, absolutely! Extreme weather patterns can happen at any time throughout the summer months so tents must be securely anchored.  The usual method is to attach the tent to the ground using large metal stakes, but in some cases, we can secure them to permanent fixtures such as buildings or trees.

My chosen site involves a parking lot.  Can I still have tents?
Tents can be setup on most surfaces but installations involving asphalt, cement or rock will require more effort and special hardware.  We will have to drill holes for the stakes to be hammered into.  On asphalt, after the stakes are removed we will insert plugs made of an asphalt compound that are designed to adhere and blend into parking lot and road surfaces.

Is there anything I should consider when the tents will be set up on a lawn?
The best site is a well-drained, level surface free of obstructions such as wells, tree limbs, utility lines, septic tanks, etc.  For the most secure anchoring, the ground should be kept as dry and solid as possible so its best not to water lawns heavily for at least 7 days prior to the installation.

My lot isn’t level, so can tents be set up on slopes?
* If the ground has a major slope to it, its probably not suitable for tents, but on gently grades it may be possible.  To see what effect the pitch will have on your event, take a chair to the area and move it around to all the questionable spots and try sitting on it.  If it feels comfortable, more than likely you’ll be okay to use tents.  If you have any doubts, contact us and we’ll do a site inspection. 
* For areas where there is more slope than we’d like, consider erecting a temporary deck to provide a level area for the tents, but we will have to put holes in the deck for anchoring.

How much area is required around the tents for staking?
Stakes will need an additional 5ft around the tent’s perimeter.  For example, a 20ft x 20ft canopy will need an area of 30ft x 30ft.

How far in advance should I place my order and will a deposit be necessary?
* We recommend that you place your order as early as possible prior to your event to ensure availability.  Quantities are limited and are on a first-come, first-served basis.  For rentals over any long weekend, reserving 10-12 months in advance is recommended. 
*We do require a signed rental agreement and booking deposit to secure your rental, usually 1/3 of your rental fees.  Technically, the deposit is non-refundable, but with ample notice we will look at the reason for the  cancellation and determine if a refund is warranted.

Is there a charge for delivery and set-up?
* For rentals in Flin Flon or Creighton we will deliver free of charge but other areas will have a fee based on mileage.
* Installation and take down is generally included in the rental fee, however extra charges may be added if the installation requires substantial extra work.  If our delivery vehicle cannot come within 50 feet of the setup site, extra charges may apply.

*PPT40 and PPT60 require the customer to supply 4-6 workers as a condition of rental to save on labor costs.

*Please note: Unfortunately at this time, due to uncertainties in fuel prices, we can only give our best estimate for delivery and retrieval rates. As the event nears, we will adjust as necessary based on the actual price of fuel.

Do rental rates for tables, chairs and dance flooring include setup?
Only rental rates for dance flooring includes installation.  Setting up tables and chairs is a service we don’t generally offer.   However, if our schedule affords us the time and you have provided clear and precise layout instructions, we may consider it for an additional fee.

Do you deliver and pickup without someone at the site?
* Upon delivery, we require the balance of your rental fees and a damage deposit.  If there are paid in advance, we can proceed without anyone there, but we don’t recommend it.  Whether there is anyone present or not you assume all responsibility for the rental items from the time they are unloaded until pickup.  Also, without verification of what was delivered, the customer cannot challenge our count any apparent shortages or condition problems.
* When we return for the items, its not as crucial to have someone there.  Again, without someone to confirm the returns, the customer will be charged replacement cost for items that ‘disappeared’ or were damaged as a result of the lack of security.
* Tables and chairs are susceptible to damage due to the weather, so they cannot be left without shelter.  If there are tents involved, they should be cleaned, stacked and stored under the canopy.

What happens if I have to cancel or reduce my terms?
* Reserved items are taken out of our rental inventory and become unavailable to other clients.  Therefore, if you cancel or substantially reduce your quantities within 30 days of your event, you will forfeit your booking deposit.  When notification is given more than 30 days in advance, we will refund your deposit but there will be an administration fee of $50.
* Cancellations at the last minute after our truck has been loaded or items have been readied for pickup, you will be charged for the entire rental whether you used it or not.
* We will always try our best to accommodate last minute changes, but it may not be possible.  Its best to be as accurate as possible about your requirements when booking.

Can I hold a function on public property?
Yes you can, but you must obtain permission from the appropriate authority and pay any necessary fees, licenses or permits.

I only need to rent for 1 day, so would the rental fee be reduced?
We generally don’t discount the fees for smaller rental periods as it required the same amount of work and the same amount of ‘wear and tear’ on our products.  However, if your rental is on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday we may be able to offer a discount.

* Our prices are based on a 4-day rental  (commonly from Friday to Monday,) but delivery and/or pickup the day before is usually possible.  For longer rental periods, please contact us for pricing.
* Every effort has been made to ensure that the prices quoted in our brochures and website are current and correct but typos occasionally occur and mistakes can happen.
* Prices are subject to change without notice; however, the prices contained on fully executed rental agreements will be honored.


How can I guarantee 100% return of my damage deposit?
* Approximately 7-10 days after your rental, once we have verified that all items were returned without damage, your damage deposit will be refunded 100%.  However, any additional charges because of increased quantities will be deducted from your refund.
* All rented items should be returned in their pre-rental condition.  If they are dirty, damaged, broken or missing, cleaning or replacement costs will be deducted from your damage deposit.
* You are responsible for the protection of all rental items and will be charged for damages and losses caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, vandalism or theft.
* Tents that require cleaning will be charged a minimum fee of $50.  Fees will be incurred for all post-rental cleaning necessary to restore items to their ‘pre-rental’ condition.  This includes but is not limited to smoke, tar, ink, decoration dye-bleeds, wax, tape residue, etc.
* Other than simply using water to clean tents.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLEAN TENT FABRIC YOURSELF!  The use of inappropriate solutions and equipment may permanently damage the tent material and result in further charge for repair or replacement.
* Cooking under or within an unreasonable distance from the tent can severely damage the fabric.
* Decorations – lightweight lighting and decorations may be hung from cables and poles by clips or ties only.  Use of tape or glue may result in a cleaning charge.  Do not fasten anything to the canopy or walls themselves by any means.  Use of staples, glue and tape will leave residue and/or permanent damage.

* Severe weather may result in the tent collapsing or becoming unanchored.  Should the tent poles begin to jump or the canopy starts flapping, for the safety of your guests, evacuate immediately.
* During periods of high winds when the tent is not being occupied, open all walls and secure them to the closest pole.
* Never enclose the canopy with the open side facing the wind.  The wind will then be trapped by the walls and have its power enhanced which in turn greatly increases the odds that the anchoring stakes could fail.
* Electric storms  - do not touch the tent structure and do not attempt to secure the tent before leaving.
* While our tents are diligently maintained, we cannot assume responsibility for losses incurred as a result of windstorms, fire, rain or other weather occurrences.
*  During your rental period, periodically check that ropes remain taut.  They keep the tent fabric under proper tension, and are fundamental to its stability.  Never remove stakes, loosen ropes or attempt to move an erected tent or canopy.
* The tent material is vinyl-coated polyester and has been treated to make it water-resistant and fire resistant, but not water or fire proof.  Never store fuel or use any gas-fueled equipment (generators, BBQs, heaters, etc.) inside or too close to the tents.  As with any safely run event, always keep a fire extinguisher handy.
* Always use ground fault protection devices with electrical cables and only use cords large enough to safely handle your power requirements.



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