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Planning Tips

& Decorating



* Chandeliers – light weight, attach or hang from centre pole (ask first)

* Use colour gels for more impact but sparingly.  Don’t illuminate food tables with colours like pink, blue as it will make the food appear strange.



* spray site for mosquitoes 2 days before



* Wedding receptions and ceremonies held in tents provide a more unique and intimate atmosphere than any banquet hall.

* Flank entrances to tents with birdbaths.  Fill with water and float wide, flat blossoms (real, artificial) such as dahlias, sunflowers, daisies, etc.  Add floating candles at dusk.

* Arch provide focal point for ceremony, head table, etc. either unadorned or swathed in flowers, greenery, ribbons, etc.

* Use theatrical scrims or background panels for drama

* Fully disclose to all vendors (planners, caterers, entertainers, photographers, officials) for their best preparation.  They need to know about being outside for event, especially weddings.  Everything will be affected; beverages, decor, entertainment, power usage, temperature conditions, etc.

* Hot or muggy receptions, ceremonies – provide paper fans for each guest.  Use fountains and/or water gardens to give guests the illusion of cooler, more comfortable conditions.

* During hot months, afternoon is the hottest part.  So start in late afternoon to avoid worst heat.

* Warn guests when outdoors so that they can dress accordingly.

* Walls can be put on or removed as needed.  The necessity for walls are determined by the events date, time of day, weather predictions and whether there are parts of your site that you don’t wish your guests to see, such as portable toilets or utility areas.


Number Crunching

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