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PPT40 / PPT60

$2,200 / weekend
(2,400 square feet)

$1,650  / weekend
(1,600 square feet)

Number Crunching

Peak Pole Tents

Includes walls and setup in Flin Flon, MB and Creighton, SK.  Please contact us for installation and deliveries for other locations.


Peak -pole style tents are great solutions for larger functions of all types combining the nostalgic appeal of old-fashioned circus big top tents with the advantage of modern technology.  Made of opaque white, fire retardant, vinyl coated polyester fabric.  Unique gutter system allows it to be joined with our Marquee style tents to act as one space in a variety of configurations to suit any site or event.

Please note that we require the customer to provide 4-6 workers for setup/takedown of PPT40/PPT60 as a condition of rental.

Tent Dimensions:

PPT40, 40x40  (1,600sq / ft) with a peak of 25 ft

PPT60, 40x60  (2,400sq / ft) with a peak of 25 ft


4 Main Street
Flin Flon, MB
R8A 1J4

(306) 741-7929

(204) 271-0613

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